This year, I will be working on a model of St. Stephan’s Cathedral in Vienna. Fulbright Austria has funded this forthcoming project. Stay tuned for updates.

The Atlantic Current

The Atlantic Current traces two Marian images, the Virgin of Guadalupe and the Virgin of los Remedios on their transatlantic journeys from Spain to the New World and back again. The interactive map accompanies my work on subject for my undergraduate thesis project. Feel free to contact me for a sample of this work.

Florence As it Was

Florence As It Was aims to reconstruct the city of Florence in 1500 using 3D models, maps, explanatory essays, and translated texts from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. My major contributions to this project include the translation of Walter and Elisabeth Paatz’s Die Kirchen von Florenz, and photogrametric models of various buildings and artworks in Florence.