This site serves as a home base for Katherine’s work in the Digital World. Here, you can find projects that I have worked on as well as my blog. It is a work in progress, so please forgive any glitches or bugs. To get in contact, please find my email address below.

About Katherine

Katherine Dau graduated from Washington and Lee with a BA in Art History and German. There, she served as a Mellon Digital Humanities Fellow and as DAAD Ambassador. For two years, Katherine worked on Florence As It Was: A Digital Reconstruction of Florence in 1500. She received a Mellon grant for faculty-student research in Florence in the Summer of 2018. Katherine also conducted independent research on the Virgin of Guadalupe, investigating her iconographic history and role in continental Spain during the colonial era.

While in Vienna, Katherine will work as an English Language Assistant at two Gymnasiums. She will also conduct research on St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The Stephansdom has grown and changed drastically since its inception as the Stephanskirche in 1137. Once a Romanesque church outside the city walls, it has seen Gothic additions, imperial commissions, destruction, and more. This monument and its iconic roof are recognized internationally, yet it is difficult to access information on its architecture, history, and ornamentation for non-German speakers and those unable to visit Austria. Katherine will take an art historical approach to this building, while documenting its features digitally.

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